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A little wild weather (and some piecing)

I thought this morning I’d post about the little bit of piecing that I accomplished yesterday; and then we had storms last night.  So, to maintain chronological order on this post, I’ll do both.

I am making progress on the commission quilt, slow progress, but I have plenty of time still.  The blocks are all pieced now and just need to be put together.

I was concerned when I started this quilt as the blues are all blue/white or blue/blue fabrics, and the background is cream and cream/white fabrics (what the client wanted) yet as I work on this I’m liking the combination more and more.  By the end of this coming week I hope to have the top all together as I’m working on this in the evenings after I shut down the studio for longarming and when I’m not in the gardens or yard.


And speaking of gardens/yard, the other day the view out my studio window looked like this:

Last night we had a hail storm move through about 4 a.m. and today the view outside looks like this:




And my Bradford Pear has quite a bit of shredding from the hail:



As for how the chicks survived.  They seem to be okay.  The coop is weatherproof, although it did get down to 60 in it overnight, with the heat lamp running.  But they’re well on their way to feathered now and they seem to be fine, active and eating and not huddled together when I checked this morning.

And they are getting beyond that ugly duckling stage as well:


That’s yesterday and last night here at our little acre.  I wonder what today will bring………..oh wait SCRATCH THAT!!!!   I didn’t ask!!!  Whatever the day brings, I’ll just go with the flow.

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