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This morning, while doing chores, my phone sounded with a text.  It came from an unknown to me source (903-23), and had a link in the message to some sort of stupid stuff.  (Stuff wasn’t the word I was thinking, but it will suffice.)  I ignored it and a few minutes later I received a second message with another link in it.


At that point I went investigating.  A Google search uncovered that 903-23 is a source called Mobeebuzz and if I did nothing they would start a subscription on my phone line for $9.99 a month.  Now I don’t know about you, but if I have an extra $9.99 a month hanging around, I’m going to spend it how I want to spend it, not on some scamming charges.


My next call was to AT&T, my service provider, who checked my account and confirmed I have the “Subscription Blocker” activated on my account.  Which means 3rd party companies can not add billing to my account.   The operator was also kind enough to check my husband’s account and activate it on his account as well so he will not be charged should he receive any scammer texts to his phone.  Subscription Blocker is a free service on my AT&T account, and I advise anyone who receives texts to either be extremely aware of WHO is texting you, or activate the service.
I had the service activated a while ago when I was first scammed for a subscription charge I didn’t opt in to, and was glad to see it was still activated.  Perhaps that explains why I didn’t receive the standard 3rd text from Mobeebuzz that the Google search showed as part of their method.

As with all public service announcements, your mileage may vary, but as I said, I’d rather spend my $9.99 a month on items I WANT!


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  1. Oh my….we have ATT too, but a Go-Phone rather than the contract we used to have. No texting or internet either. I’ll have to check. You be great! Smart lady! I did this on my land line too….a few charges a few years back unauthorized. And it’s perfectly legal unless you call them like you did, and have them removed with a block. Thanks sis!

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