Will life return to normal now?

The coop is finished, the run has yet to be done, but the coop is done.  I moved the girls into it today, which was a great relief for them and me.  Now, perhaps, the distraction of little chicks taking me away from work will settle down……..or maybe not…….I make no guarantees.  But it was time to move them.

The box they were in was in the bathtub in the spare bathroom and it really wasn’t sized for 8 growing chicks.  It was the largest I could find that would fit in the tub:

Notice the one perched on the edge of the box?  Well one of my girls fell down between that edge and the tub and injured her leg.  She’s active, on one leg, and she’s flying okay; but she tends to stay to herself.  I’m not concerned at this point with her long term survival, she’s eating and drinking and alert; she just doesn’t like being jostled by the others.  But that was notice to us that we needed to get them moved.  So M and I worked on the coop securing it today.

We (mostly he) put in wire mesh to secure the eaves and allow ventilation:

We (again mostly he) put screen inside the windows to allow for security when they’re hinged open for ventilation:

Notice the lamp inside, I’ll be using it at night for a little extra heat for them as the evenings an get a bit cool and they aren’t totally feathered out yet.
Of course the door is a custom fit:

I’m really proud of M on this one!  The door was a $5 clearance deal at Lowe’s because it was dinged up.  But the dinged up part would have to be cut off to fit the entry, making this the best deal we’ve (he’s) ever gotten on a door.  Have you noticed yet, I’m not taking all the credit for this; or any?  This construction project was all his and I’m really happy with it.

Of course MY part of the project was to paint the outside, which I’ll do when we get a couple days without the probability of thunderstorms.

Inside the girls now have plenty of room:

Of course they explore it in groups!  Hmmmm, is that why we call them CHICKENS?!  LOL

And the coop comes with it’s own security, the D-O-G patrol:

Although I don’t believe his intensity is aggression to the chickens at this point, more likely it’s curiosity, he (and the 3 others) are the reason we’ve gone to great lengths with security.  And will continue that extra precaution as we build their run.

In other “things keeping me from fabric”, we’ve got this load of topsoil delivered that needs spread.  It’s under the blue tarp due to a threatening thunderstorm and M reminding me that dry dirt is lighter to shovel to spread than wet dirt:

There’s also a pile of mulch almost at big as this that needs spread!

Of course while the Cherry tree and the Azalea’s are either blooming or threatening to bloom:

And the lawn needs mowed again already:

Brandi is making me wonder why I paid for grooming as all she wants to do is play in the dirt and leaves:

Cocoa say “My picture too please”:

And I’m left to wonder, will life return to normal now that the chickens are in the coop,or is this the new normal?
Quilty content to follow soon…………… I hope as I miss it!

Knitting and spinning content to follow soon………I hope as I miss that too!

Cooking content to follow……………….nah, never!!!!!  But then you already knew that!  LOL

Hope you’re spring is starting out as full and active as ours is here!

5 thoughts on “Will life return to normal now?

    1. Hi Cheryl!

      She’s hopping around on one leg as fast as the others on on two do and holding her own at the feeder, so I’m sure she’ll be fine long term. But she did have me concerned for a couple days!

  1. What kind of chickens do you have? They look a lot like my second batch and I don’t have a clue what I have. Your coop is looking great. My chicks are still in my sewing room so I know how glad you are to get yours out.

  2. Hi Judy!

    At this point we believe we’ve got 4 Rhode Island Reds, 3 Red Sex Links, and one as yet to be determined, but I’m leaning towards Dark Rhode with the rich black in the feathers and the pattern to them. Although she has some white on her as well, so she may be a Black Sex Link, but she’s not feathered enough yet to be positive.

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