I just don’t know…….

Fair warning, this is mostly a CHICKEN post!   LOL  I know some of you probably could care less about my new additions to the life we have here; but then again, they are providing me with entertainment, ideas, and down the road they’ll hopefully provide eggs too!  In the meantime, I am definitely unsure of what I have.


When I went up to TSC to pick out my chicks, I “thought” I would remember what types I purchased.  But I was so busy taking notes on how to care for them, I neglected to write down what I purchased.  Now the “girls” are feathering out and their differences are definitely showing.  I think I have three different breeds, but what are they?

First a group shot of the entire gang:

Some are darker red with dark wing patterns, a couple are more blonde, but with dark wings ending in dark tips, one is blond with lighter wings ending in white tips, and one has hardly developed any wings at all and is much lighter in color and heavier than the rest!


The two in the top front of the next picture are very similar, lighter blond color; but one has brown wing tips and the one with it’s back turned has white wing tips?  And the one on the brick in the back is a dark reddish brown color, the darkest of the entire lot.  Oh and the two at the front are the most friendly, they come to the sound of my voice.  They’re also the two most adventurous, which is why the box is now covered with a screen unless I’m in there with them!

And then there’s this little one, it’s the heaviest, and the lightest color, with the least amount of wing showing, and she’s also the least friendly!  She doesn’t get aggressive, but rather hides in corners whenever I come in to maintain the box.


So, anybody with any experience want to hazard a guess as to what I have for breeds?   LOL   In a few weeks, when they feather out some more, if I still can’t ID them, I’ll post on backyardchickens.com asking for breed ID info.


On the quilting front, I’ve finished a pantograph for a customer and must turn the binding for her.  My heart and thoughts go to this customer as she is ill and this may be the last quilt I see from her.  Sending blessings and hugs to her family as I work on this quilt to finish it as quickly as possible.


On the garden front, my strawberries came in.  They were not what I was expecting, but I’ll handle it.  I was expecting live plants and was shipped dormant roots just starting to crown out.  Today I need to pick up some peat pots and get them into dirt.  I’m using peat pots so there’s no root shock as it will take another week or so before the garden is ready to plant.  Now that the trees are down and the stumps ground, I need to order in a truckload of topsoil to fill the raised beds.  And get it all spread, tilled and ready before the strawberries (or anything else) can go in the ground.


Busy, busy here at the house, but you all know that’s how I LOVE life!


3 thoughts on “I just don’t know…….

  1. Would the place you purchased the chicks, have a record of what they sold? I just looked up TSC cause I didnt know what that stood for. Tractor supply Company. someone on site was asking about the chicks she bought. anyway they might keep in inventory of what they sell to each buyer. or there might be a chicken identifier book. They are so cute and fresh eggs will be great Judy.

  2. you’ll get there!

    Just be sure none of them are roosters….especially more than one! Never had chickens here, but a good friend has a bunch. Two roosters are a no-no, as they’ll fight to the death so I’ve been told. Guess it’s hard to tell till they grow a bit. Great lot you got there sis!
    Your friend is in my prayer chain…love and hugs to you!

  3. Judy, go back and look at the signs…… I know ours had mixed breed types to either produce eggs or produce meat…. but not really breeds I had heard of…. but their chickens were a heck of a lot healthier than the other option…….but I would either see if by chance they were broken out on your reciept or if you could have them translate the numbers on your reciept or go look at the signs in the store by ones that look like what you bought…. yeah… no help….. sorry!!!!!

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