What a weekend!

Wow!   What a weekend we had!  Most of the weekend was spent at the Charlotte Quilters Guild Show vending.  It was a super busy show, so busy I never made it to the quilt display to see the members quilts.  The entire two days were spent in the booth:

We started the weekend with plenty of hand-dyed stock:

Much to the enjoyment of one of my favorite customers:


And while we were away at the show, the chicks grew!  Remember last week when they came home they looked like this:


Today I’ve walked into the room where the brooder box is to find this:


Now I’m going to have to do some quick thinking!  The coop isn’t sealed up enough to assure their security, even if I did move the heat and supplies into it and it’s become quite apparent that I have at least 2 of them that are going to be early fliers!  This little red one and a blond headed one as well.


Off to do some quilting……. and some thinking about the best way to contain 8 little chicks!

2 thoughts on “What a weekend!

  1. ROTFLOL That was a close call 😉 I started out with a rubbermaid tote deep and put chicken wire over it. For the last batch of multiple chicks I had a LARGE dog kennel covered in chicken wire. Today as you saw 😉 I just put out a small dog crate with no bottom in it covered in chicken wire. The large crate I had the tray in with pine shavings…. I’m sure someone has told you, but just in case…. cedar shavings are toxic so get the pine shavings. Enjoy every moment!!!

  2. Glad you did well at the Charlotte Show.You looked like you were really busy. I was volunteering on Friday but got to see the quilts. If I had known I would gladly helped you out so you could run around and see the quilts.

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