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What a weekend!

Wow!   What a weekend we had!  Most of the weekend was spent at the Charlotte Quilters Guild Show vending.  It was a super busy show, so busy I never made it to the quilt display to see the members quilts.  The entire two days were spent in the booth:

We started the weekend with plenty of hand-dyed stock:

Much to the enjoyment of one of my favorite customers:


And while we were away at the show, the chicks grew!  Remember last week when they came home they looked like this:


Today I’ve walked into the room where the brooder box is to find this:


Now I’m going to have to do some quick thinking!  The coop isn’t sealed up enough to assure their security, even if I did move the heat and supplies into it and it’s become quite apparent that I have at least 2 of them that are going to be early fliers!  This little red one and a blond headed one as well.


Off to do some quilting……. and some thinking about the best way to contain 8 little chicks!

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