Working my way back

Still tired today, and I know it’s a lack of sleep, but instead of focusing on that I’m going to focus on positive things.  Things that I’ve accomplished and that inspire me.

Last night I managed to block 2 knitting  projects, a green sweater I made a while ago, and a blue shawlette I just finished.  Here they are, pinned and drying under the fan on the dining table:

I love lace/patterned knitting; but it does take a while for me to finish anything that uses it as I need total silence to concentrate on my stitch pattern.   And I seem to love shawlettes!  This is the 3rd I’ve finished, I’m nearing completion of my 4th, and have 2 more planned!  There is just something comforting about throwing a shawl over your shoulders on a chilly day; and as we don’t often get cold enough for wool cardigans, I think I’m going to have quite an extensive shawl collection if I keep up this trend.

Here’s a bit of detail from the blue shawl:

The pattern is called 28’s Big Sister 77 and is available on Ravelry.

We do have sunshine today, which helps with my energy levels immensely (although sleep would help more!).  Taking a walk around the yard this morning I discovered the joys, and work, of spring starting to show.  In my world that means the flowers and the weeds!

I can’t believe how quickly those weeds took over!  In the lower edge you can see they’re actually taller than my daylilly sprouts are! Of course this means I need to weed in the gardens too (that’s lawn above, if you can believe that!).  I really need to weed around where Little Bear is buried before I lose the mulch I put down to the weeds:

Perhaps this weekend I’ll do some weeding and get some sunshine into my skin (that should help the energy level too!), but today is a Studio Sit and Sew day and I plan to re-acquaint myself with this old friend:

After all, who can resist a sewing machine sitting in the sunshine just begging to be used!



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