It’s my day off!

Most Fridays I take the day off from work.  I've done this for several years now, and have no intention of stopping the weekly treat unless life forces me to.  Today was not a "forced to stop" day, so I enjoyed it. After a trip into town, and a little more info on why my … Continue reading It’s my day off!

A little walk, a little spindling

Cocoa and I took a little walk around the property for our afternoon break to survey the damage and new growth since the storm earlier this week.  She's doing much better walking on the leash, she no longer panics that I'm taking her away and actually wiggles when she goes out the door.  A major … Continue reading A little walk, a little spindling

A little hand carding

Slowly I've been processing some fiber in preparation for spinning.  Earlier this spring I purchased some unwashed Merino locks from Janet at  Catawampus Farms and under the guidance of some friends washed and dried them. Although at the time I was CONVINCED I had felted them in the washing process, Susan reminded me I've got … Continue reading A little hand carding

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