Bone tired……

Have you ever been bone tired?  Isn’t that a funny phrase?  And yet, if you’ve been there, you know the feeling.  So very tired that your bones feel heavy and moving feels like slugging through jello.  Okay, I’ve never actually slugged through jello, but you get the idea.


And yet, why is it, that when you’re at you’re most bone tired, the mind is on overflow?  Thinking of all the things you should be doing, if you only had the energy to get up and move.  Or creating all these new ideas and options you want to try, and yet too fuzzy to stand up.


No, I’m not coming down sick, just having a combination of little sleep for several nights and a rainy, dreary, high humidity day.  The lack of sleep, well, that’s not for trying,  just one of those phases that happen from time to time.  And the humidity, it makes it harder to breathe, causing additional lethargy, the end result being “bone tired”.


And of course the rain brings gray skies which do not help the enthusiasm level at all.  It’s such a good thing I don’t live in the Pacific Northwest!  Perhaps Arizona or New Mexico would be better choices, but then again, selling, packing and moving would take so much energy……and with the chicken coop under construction and the gardens enlarged…..well, I’ll think about it another day.  ;>)


Perhaps tonight I’ll sleep, and perhaps tomorrow the sun will shine and the humidity will go away.  But either way, today is a bone tired day and very little, if any work will be done.



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