Rookie Weaving

Mike has been working on a floor frame for my loom for a while now. Poor man has several projects he’s trying to juggle to finish, and he lives with a creative, hyper-active mind type person (that would be me) who is always coming up with new things for him to build.

Tonight when he went to work, I became very eager to continue on my scarf, that’s where rookie enthusiasm comes in to play, and put up the unfinished frame to use.


I’m using a lace weight yarn for the weft, and cotton dmc for the warp. It’s coming out almost as soft as I wanted and I’m already contemplating my next weaving project.

Of course the frame will have to come apart again to be finished, but for tonight it’s up and working and I’m a happy rookie weaver.

Did I happen to mention he also made me a couple smaller length shuttles for narrow projects?


Yes, I do happen to live with a man who I truly believe can build anything!! But don’t tell him I said so! ;>)

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