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Milk Protein Fiber yarn!

photo by JudyW_in_NC
photo, a photo by JudyW_in_NC on Flickr.

This is the first time I’ve spun up Milk Protein Fiber. When I purchased it, I was almost afraid to open the package and see what I was getting.

When I finally opened the package, I found the fiber to be REALLY slippery! And I had a tendency to overtwist the singles.

Thinking I had totally messed it up, I went ahead and plied it on itself. The result is a very soft yarn! Surprised me as I had enough twist at spots in the singles they felt like wire when I was plying them.

As soft as this is, I think it will make a great pair of cuffs or the base of a pair of fingerless mitts. I’ll know which after I process it and tally the final yardage.

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