Bone tired……

Have you ever been bone tired?  Isn't that a funny phrase?  And yet, if you've been there, you know the feeling.  So very tired that your bones feel heavy and moving feels like slugging through jello.  Okay, I've never actually slugged through jello, but you get the idea.   And yet, why is it, that … Continue reading Bone tired……

Rookie Weaving

Mike has been working on a floor frame for my loom for a while now. Poor man has several projects he's trying to juggle to finish, and he lives with a creative, hyper-active mind type person (that would be me) who is always coming up with new things for him to build. Tonight when he … Continue reading Rookie Weaving

Breaking the Facebook habit

Today I break the Facebook habit.  Between the motto I've chosen to live by and the frustrations of a website that seems to be in a permanent state of "database error", added in with all the, in my opinion, un-necessary to REAL communication crap that seems to be the norm, Facebook no longer works for … Continue reading Breaking the Facebook habit

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