Bone tired……

Have you ever been bone tired?  Isn’t that a funny phrase?  And yet, if you’ve been there, you know the feeling.  So very tired that your bones feel heavy and moving feels like slugging through jello.  Okay, I’ve never actually slugged through jello, but you get the idea.


And yet, why is it, that when you’re at you’re most bone tired, the mind is on overflow?  Thinking of all the things you should be doing, if you only had the energy to get up and move.  Or creating all these new ideas and options you want to try, and yet too fuzzy to stand up.


No, I’m not coming down sick, just having a combination of little sleep for several nights and a rainy, dreary, high humidity day.  The lack of sleep, well, that’s not for trying,  just one of those phases that happen from time to time.  And the humidity, it makes it harder to breathe, causing additional lethargy, the end result being “bone tired”.


And of course the rain brings gray skies which do not help the enthusiasm level at all.  It’s such a good thing I don’t live in the Pacific Northwest!  Perhaps Arizona or New Mexico would be better choices, but then again, selling, packing and moving would take so much energy……and with the chicken coop under construction and the gardens enlarged…..well, I’ll think about it another day.  ;>)


Perhaps tonight I’ll sleep, and perhaps tomorrow the sun will shine and the humidity will go away.  But either way, today is a bone tired day and very little, if any work will be done.



Rookie Weaving

Mike has been working on a floor frame for my loom for a while now. Poor man has several projects he’s trying to juggle to finish, and he lives with a creative, hyper-active mind type person (that would be me) who is always coming up with new things for him to build.

Tonight when he went to work, I became very eager to continue on my scarf, that’s where rookie enthusiasm comes in to play, and put up the unfinished frame to use.


I’m using a lace weight yarn for the weft, and cotton dmc for the warp. It’s coming out almost as soft as I wanted and I’m already contemplating my next weaving project.

Of course the frame will have to come apart again to be finished, but for tonight it’s up and working and I’m a happy rookie weaver.

Did I happen to mention he also made me a couple smaller length shuttles for narrow projects?


Yes, I do happen to live with a man who I truly believe can build anything!! But don’t tell him I said so! ;>)

Breaking the Facebook habit

Today I break the Facebook habit.  Between the motto I’ve chosen to live by and the frustrations of a website that seems to be in a permanent state of “database error”, added in with all the, in my opinion, un-necessary to REAL communication crap that seems to be the norm, Facebook no longer works for my lifestyle.

If you’ve followed me on there, you’ll have to follow me here.  If you don’t follow me here, that’s okay, I’m living my life for me either way.

Oh, that motto I’ve chosen to live by?  Here it is, it suits me right now:

Lesss TV, more reading

Less shopping, more outdoors

Less clutter, more space

Less rush, more slowness

Less junk, more real food

Less busywork, more impact

Less driving, more walking

Less noise, more solitude

Less focus on the future, more on the present

Less work, more play

Less worry, more smiles


I don’t know who wrote this, but it resonated with me and is posted in both the studio and the kitchen.

Today, I meet with a new customer, and then either take my bicycle for a spin around the neighborhood, or sit in the sunshine and do some hand work, depending on whether or not the winds calm down.