Where is the sun?

As much as I acknowledge the need for, and accept the dreariness of rainy days, I hope the sun comes back soon. It’s not supposed to be this dark in the studio with all those windows.


And from the other direction it doesn’t look much more inviting this mornig.


Thankfully Mike foresaw these days and knows how much I need my light and put in plenty if daylight simulating lights for me!

2 thoughts on “Where is the sun?

  1. I know I was organizing my sewing room finally after moving here 5 weeks ago or so. It is the last space, save some things in my bedroom. By mid afternoon Sunday, it was getting so dark and overhead light not great. the big window didnt help much either. I was sorting some fabric and was it dark green or grey, blue or black. I dont have lamps set up yet so it was tough. I need the Sun back, please!

  2. I can’t deal without natural sunlight either!! The doom and gloom of winter really gets to me!

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