Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!   It’s 2012!!!   My how time flies, I remember all the preparations everyone was making for the year 2000, do you?  Now in 2012 we’re making preparations for……. well for 2012!   LOL

I posted a few posts back ( HERE ) about goals, resolutions and intentions as I was contemplating them for the upcoming year.  I still wonder if this is a “calendar” thing for me, or more a “darkness” thing; as there are so many more evening hours to contemplate life at this time of year.  Well, unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere and then you’ve got that whole summer in December stuff going on.

Anyways, back to the topic (good luck, I’m in a rambling mood this morning). I’ve been contemplating and thinking a lot between grandchild chatter and husband discussions and cooking up a storm and generally enjoying the holidays.  And I’ve come up with a word that will work for me in 2012 that I’d like to guide my year.  I wouldn’t exactly call it an “intention” word, as that implies a verb and direct action; so let’s call it a guiding word.  And my word this year:


Yes, that’s my word for 2012.  I want to be guided my those things that make my heart sing.  Not that there won’t be “necessary” and “chores” in the every day things that are done; but there must also be time for the things that make a heart sing on a daily basis.

I remember when I became aware of “heartsong” as a concept.  It was a long time ago, dad was still alive and traveling then, before he got sick.  Mom and Dad had come down for a visit and we had gone over to Kannapolis to Kannapolis Village for a day trip and were exploring the little shops.  In one shop I found a book (I do love books) titled “A Woman’s Guide to a Simpler Life”.  I think I may have still been driving truck at this point, or it might have been just before I got my CDL license, and the title intrigued me.  I’ve never been one for “games” and such, so the title would be a definite grab for me.  Although I’ve never been one for the societal restrictions of being a woman or a female either, still being a “woman’s” guide didn’t make me bypass it.  And I’m so glad I didn’t!

The book is all about listening to your particular heartsong (everyone has a different one) and following that path.  Occasionally over the years I’ve re-read the book and learned something each time.  And although I don’t feel the need this year to read the book, I can hear the call of my heartsongs.

On that note, as I do laundry and cook a meal this New Years Day, I think I’ll also go trim and bind the new placemats for the kitchen I made and spin a little more of the Merino/Silk blend that’s on the wheel.

Since I have a new camera now, I’ll leave you with a few pictures from New Years Eve Day here at the ……house? yard? studio?  hmmmm…..what do I call this place now as it’s not a “farm” but it’s not just a house either…….. AHA, I’ve leave you with a few pictures from the heartstead!   LOL

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