DH gifted me with a NEW CAMERA this year!!!!!   YEAH!!!!!!  I was so pleased to receive this particular gift, I’ve missed taking photo’s and having them come out accurate.  Or taking photo’s and actually getting DETAIL!  And I really disliked having to attempt to manipulate the color spectrum in photo’s with editing software.
And because of that, there have been limited pictures taken for months, which translates into minimal blog posts for you, my readers.  And thanks to DH, that can all change now, so I warn you, this particular post may be a bit picture heavy!

Let’s start with the very first picture taken on the new camera:

Of COURSE it had to be of a thread rack!  Taken from the sewing table in my design room, these are Valdani cotton threads and just look at those colors!!!  The REDS are RED!!!!!!  And there’s PINK and PURPLE too!!!!   At this point I was giggly happy!  But I had to test it further, how was it going to do for detail?

I’d say that was pretty good, having been taken from about 3′ away from the thread rack, on AUTOMATIC, simply by zooming in!!!!  So at this point, I let the camera charge for a bit and decided I’d play later in the evening.

Of course there has to be a downfall somewhere if I’m taking the pictures!   LOL   That evening, in our dimly lit living room, while DH watched TV, I thought I’d play again.  My first attempt was a disasterous picture (of course I have yet to read the instruction book).  My subject matter was a little hyperactive and I didn’t have it set for the lighting in the room.

Yes, that’s a dog, would you like to take guesses as to which one it is?  LOL   After playing with the settings, and finding a more calm subject, I hit upon the setting needed for the living room at night (I think it was party mode, but I really need to take notes or read the instruction manual!) and came up with a picture of Baci that is just PERFECT!

Enough for yesterday, this morning I decided to play some more (and have NOT YET read the instruction book).  I started with some pictures of my latest pair of knitted socks and got the best image  right where I got the first image at, in the design room by the window.

Yes, that is the instruction booklet for the camera sitting underneath those socks!  LOL  I will read it later on.  But first, the MOST IMPORTANT TEST!!!  What would it do with fabrics and quilts and quilting?  Would I still be happy?  Let’s take a look!

First, the full quilt on the frame, as the IQ is quilting a pantograph on it (yes the machine head is MOVING during this picture):

OH MY!!!  The purples are PURPLE!  The same shade/tone as the fabric, and the oranges are true!!!  The turquoise is the actual faded grayed color it is!  and the blues are vibrant!    I’m getting happier, but the final test,  WILL IT SHOW THE QUILTING DETAIL!?!?!?!?!

WOO HOO!!!!!   Taken ON THE FRAME, in daylight, NO SPECIAL SETTINGS!!!!  NO adjusting the lighting, no messing around with anything!   Just walk up and shoot on auto and that’s the detail picture I got!!!!   Did I mention my REDS are RED!!!!!  And my orange and purples are true as well!!!!!!

If I seem just a wee bit excited, I am!  One of the things I’ve missed most over the last several months has been the ability to take pictures and share them here on the blog without major frustration.  Thanks to DH and his generosity, I can now do that again.  And he kept in mind that I can’t handle a heavy camera, this one is LIGHTWEIGHT!  Pocket sized really!   It’s a Nikon Coolpix camera, and it’s a burnished purple color!  (hey, that counts too!)

Now, on to opening up the package for my new MP3 Player and downloading an audio book to listen to while I quilt!

P.S. and yes, I WILL read the instruction manual for the camera eventually! ;>)

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  1. That purple is nice – that’s the color that gives me fits with my camera, always coming out some version of red. Happy you! Great news for us, too!

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