DH gifted me with a NEW CAMERA this year!!!!!   YEAH!!!!!!  I was so pleased to receive this particular gift, I've missed taking photo's and having them come out accurate.  Or taking photo's and actually getting DETAIL!  And I really disliked having to attempt to manipulate the color spectrum in photo's with editing software. And because … Continue reading It’s a NEW CAMERA!

Arlene’s Quilt

Earlier this week I posted images of the backside of this quilt on Facebook, and stated that I would post front pictures after my customer saw her quilt. Well, she picked it up a couple days ago and loved it, so now I feel I can share the pictures with everyone!  Not that I wouldn't … Continue reading Arlene’s Quilt

2012 Goals? Resolutions? Intentions?

Do you set goals or resolutions for a new year?  Are you a person who sets an intention word or board?   How do you handle the change over with the possibilities of a "clean slate"?   Or are you a person who doesn't feel the need to do any of the above?  Do you live … Continue reading 2012 Goals? Resolutions? Intentions?

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