Fall/Winter Classes




Holiday Pillow Machine Appliqué                                   $20.00

                    Saturday             Oct. 15tth               10 – 3                  


New York Beauty Table Runner  (2 sessions)                $35.00

                   Tuesday             Oct. 18th              10-3

                   Tuesday             Nov. 1st               10-3


Christmas Star Wreath   (2 sessions)                                $35.00

                   Wednesday        Nov. 2nd              10-3

                   Wednesday        Nov. 16th             10-3


Magical Miters                                                                     $20.00

                   Tuesday             Nov 29th              10-2


Nickel Table Runner                                                           $20.00

                   Tuesday             Dec. 6th               10-4


Design Your Own Wholecloth (includes trapunto)       $35.00

                   2 Sessions
Tuesday             Jan 10th                10-3  

                   Tuesday             Jan 24th               10-3


Beginners Hand Appliqué                                                 $25.00

                   Saturday             Jan. 14th               10-3

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