What a weekend!

Wow!  What a weekend it’s been!  This weekend I took the entire weekend off, and even extended it a little bit.  I shut down Thursday evening and will go back to work tomorrow; but here’s a rundown of what’s gone on.

Friday, we went to SC to pick up the youngest grand for his monthly visit.  He was ready to go, but his little brother was having too much fun running around, so first off a little game of chase we undertaken:

Later on, Grandpa and Gabe were deciding on a movie and suddenly I realized he’s gotten taller in the last 2 months:

Saturday, Gabe and I went shopping and I found a new (to me) coffee table that does exactly what I wanted it to do:

I LOVE this table!  It’s BIG and STURDY, made from solid wood with dovetail joins in it.  The center is not two small drawers, but one full drawer that goes all the way through and slides open from either side….perfect for storing games in.  The raised parts are solid enough to sit on, and below them is a display area on each end.  What you can’t see is the detail in the wood in the center section.  Four panels in two different colors of wood, with a very small inlay design around it.  Did I mention I LOVE this table?

Of course Brandi is not really impressed with the new table as I moved her blanket to put it in:

Then Sunday morning, while prepping to bake a much delayed birthday cake, I had a slight accident:

Goodbye big mixer bowl!  But it could have been much worse, I was in my slippers when it shattered and nobody else was in the kitchen at the time.  Just  a few little cuts and a lot of cleanup and all is well.  And it gave me the “opportunity” to go on a hunt for a replacement bowl to fit the old mixer!  Yep, I’m looking at the bright side  of this one!

Today brought a little more of the knitting I’ve been doing all weekend, and watching Grandpa and Gabe play a game of Yahtzee, followed by dinner with friends.  I managed to make a decent lasagna and redeem myself as a lasagna maker (last time they came for lasagna, I murdered it!).

Progress on this weekend’s knitting:

“Spring Forward”, toe up version, socks in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock “Parfait” colourway, on size 0 dpns for the knitters reading this.

Also did a little reading, I’ve got the summer issue of  Sew Somerset, the fall issue of Art Doll Quarterly, Rice Zachary-Freeman’s newest book “Destination Creativity”, and a lightweight summer fiction on my Nook.  Yes, I am reading them all at once, kind of, sort of.  No, I don’t have them all OPEN at the EXACT same time, but I do jump from one to another during the course of a day.

All in all, it’s been a great EXTENDED holiday weekend!!!!!  I’ll leave you with a picture of little miss Cocoa, she’s just such a cutie I can’t resist:

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