So confused????

I am so confused today!  Am I a character in a children’s classic, running around asking the same question over and over?  Perhaps!  My calendar notes reminded me that we set the clocks ahead tonight.  Okay, I can do that.

But then my mind started spinning.  What does that mean?  Will it be lighter earlier in the morning, or lighter later in the evening?  For the life of me I can’t remember which it is.  I tried “reasoning” it out and just confused the person I was reasoning it out to as well.  So I googled it, and got more confused!

Sigh, either way I’ll know by tomorrow night.  I say night just in case I don’t bother to set the alarm and I get up later tomorrow morning.  I have a tendency to do that on the weekends!  ;>)

I’m spinning around on other fronts too.  It’s almost mid-March here, yet the other day we had January temperatures.  That meant winter clothes!  Not bright, cheerful spring clothes, but warm, functional winter clothes.  Hmmm, perhaps I should make myself a “winter” sweater in a bright, cheerful, “spring” color!  Naw, it’s not going to be this cold next spring, says the eternal optimist!  But then again, cheerful spring colors in January might not be so bad…….

And I’m still literally spinning, yarn from roving that is.  Today I take a class, hopefully improve my technique a bit.  I still haven’t figured out exactly WHERE that roving is supposed to go to before you spin it so it doesn’t get caught up in what you’ve spun.  Perhaps I need longer arms from my wrists to my elbows!!!!!  Or just to take the class?

Next time up, a post on the Round Robin I’m participating in.  It’s almost over now, just one more month/border to go and then all participants quilts will be returned to them.  So that makes my mind wander to “what next?”.  I’m thinking it’s just about time to drag out those sketches and start to work on the flower block of the month I’ve designed.  Applique, a different flower for each month, and I PROMISE the December flower will NOT be a Poinsettia!

Until then, have a great Saturday and I’ll be back soon………..

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  1. We’ll be waiting for your return. I saw my first butterfly today, so spring MUST be coming!

    I sure hope you like spinning as much as you do knitting, longarming, drawing and being an all around multi-dimensional artist. May I should say Multi-Medium artist! Whatever it is, I am darned proud of you!

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