Commission Quilting

Last fall I met with a new client.  She had been gifted a Charm Pack and wanted an art quilt made using them.  We met and discussed ideas and options, fabrics and pricing and time frame; and settled upon an agreement.  I would make her quilt for her, but would not start on it until … Continue reading Commission Quilting

Round Robin project

Last fall,on Facebook, I issued an invitation to those on my friends list to participate in a Round Robin.  The startup rules were clear -- send me a private message me of your interest and be added to the group that was formed.  Four people messaged me, which meant we had five total (myself included) … Continue reading Round Robin project

So confused????

I am so confused today!  Am I a character in a children's classic, running around asking the same question over and over?  Perhaps!  My calendar notes reminded me that we set the clocks ahead tonight.  Okay, I can do that. But then my mind started spinning.  What does that mean?  Will it be lighter earlier … Continue reading So confused????

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