Woven Fabric Bags

In March I have been asked to teach a Woven Fabric Bag workshop to the Brushy Mountain Quilters Guild.  I thought I’d share a few pictures from some samples I have made of tote bags and small purses using this technique.

This technique is made completely on your domestic sewing machine using fabric strips.  Both of these bags were made from a single Honeybun roll, with a little ribbon and yarn added for embellishment.

This purse was made with strips from a Jelly Roll, after making a HUGE tote bag out of the roll:

And lastly,for a size comparison, a picture of my model with both the book tote and pocket tote bags:

2 thoughts on “Woven Fabric Bags

  1. Interesting! I like the various sizes .. and thank you for showing them on your “model” . It really helped me with size comparisons for the third picture.

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