Non Custom Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Traditionally, when a quilter thinks of the Double Wedding Ring pattern, they are usually thinking custom quilting.  Gorgeous motifs in the centers, pretty little motifs in the ovals between the arcs, SID or CC in the arcs themselves.  But sometimes that’s not a feasible option, for whatever reason.

The first time I was asked to put a pantograph on a DWR my immediate thought was “what a waste”.  Now admit it, you probably thought that too.  And sometimes it can be.  But every once in a while that’s the perfect option for the quilt:

This quilt from my customer will become a wedding gift. What makes it perfect for a pantograph?  The colour scheme!  There is not much of a value difference between the arcs and the background fabric for quilting.

The cornerstones are high contrast, but they are small in comparison to the size of the quilt.  To blend the quilting we didn’t use a white thread, nor an off-white thread.  We chose to use a very light lavendar thread (So Fine #501 Barely Purple).  This thread being a 50/3 weight and not being white blended beautifully into the background, but stayed a bit muted on the dark cornerstones.

The overall effect (using side-lighting to highlight) as the quilt may very well be seen in a bedroom under muted lighting ends up very pretty:

I’m extremely pleased with how this turned out, and am filing it in my mind in the future to not automatically discount an overall pattern, just because the quilt has traditionally been a custom quilted pattern.

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