New Years Traditions

New Years Day is here once again and has me thinking this morning about New Years traditions.  I’m seeing a lot of posting on Facebook about New Years menu traditions.  We don’t have a “menu” tradition in this house, but we do seem to have one tradition and it’s all my fault!

Every year at the holidays, I like to have the tree lit on New Years Eve.  I think it lights the room so nicely and as you know by now, I love the gentle light it gives off, it’s so relaxing.

As I was talking with my mom this morning on the phone, she asked what I was doing today.  My response was “taking the tree down, packing up the decorations and then some sewing and knitting”.  Mom’s quick response to me was something to the effect of  “of course you’re taking the tree down, you do that every New Year’s Day”.   And that ‘s when it hit me…..we DO have a New Years tradition in this house, and it’s one that brings me a feeling of freshness and preparedness for the year to come.

That tradition is ORGANIZATION!   Every New Year’s Day I take down the tree, pack up the decorations, clean and re-organize the house for the months to come.  This year I started a bit early, I started on New Year’s Eve.   No, I didn’t take down the tree, as I mentioned, I love the gentle lights bringing in the New Year with their quiet glow.

What I did do was to buy a tower of plastic organization drawers for my yarn.  Yes, I have that much yarn that it needs organized.  Or maybe it’s not that I have that much yarn, maybe it’s just that I need even a small hobby to be organized for me to enjoy it.  Hmm, I must think about that; but not today, today I will be finding a home for this:

Isn’t it great!  It’s plastic, so it’s lightweight if I need to move it.  It’s stackable, so I can organize the yarn just by moving the drawers to a different spot in the tower WITHOUT having to unload the drawer and reload a different one.  And it was on SALE at Target yesterday.  The holes in the fronts of the bins allow air flow, and I can see what I have at a glance.

Of course after it was loaded with my yarns, I realized I have lots of yarn to knit with, probably an entire year’s worth or even more!  Most of it is sock weight yarns (the top 4 drawers), so I’m well stocked for the YOSS2011 group on Ravelry.

Now to just get off the computer, take down the tree, pack away the decorations, clean the hardwood floor, move the oak rocker and THEN get this moved against the wall into it’s temporary final location.  (It will get moved again when the studio remodel is done.)

So, what type of New Year’s Day traditions do you have, besides food/menu traditions?

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