Christmas Snow

We had snow on Christmas here in North Carolina.  Measurable snow!  I’m not sure if  Charlotte proper actually got measurable snow, last I heard at 11:30 last night the readings at the airport hadn’t quite been deep enough yet to be “measurable”; but it sure was measurable here.  When I went to bed last night we had 3-1/2″ and it was still coming down.  At last check today, after it finally stopped, we were over 5-1/2″ of snow!

Now snow is NOT one of my favorite things, but I will admit, it can be pretty.  And it makes a change from the normal weather.  So I took a walk this morning and took some pictures from around the property to share with my readers.  No, this doesn’t even come close to what New England is getting today, nor to what other places in the country have already received, but still, it’s “measurable” and “memorable” for us here in Cleveland, North Carolina!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Snow

  1. I’m from Illinois visiting your neck of the woods to spend Christmas with my son at Duke. It sure is pretty out and makes it as we like our Christmases to look at home. Sarah

  2. It’s beautiful, Judy. My kids in Matthews (20 mi south of Charlotte) got 4″. First snow on Christmas since 1947. You too? Or do you know? It is always so fun when it is a rarity.

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