Blue and White Custom quilt

Last customer “Christmas” order, although I’m not done working for December quite yet.  This one was full custom and even though I planned on it being on the machine one week, it stretched into two.  Not due to the quilt, but rather due to issues with my machine.  Maintenance is a fact of life when you’re working on an older machine.

The last photo in the gallery is how I avoid oil drips when the quilt leaves me minimal room on the sides of my table (in case you were wondering).  Although I do park it just off the machine with that little foil/batting contraption.

8 thoughts on “Blue and White Custom quilt

    1. Michelle, the curling amish feather is freehand.

      The one pattern is a square feather the IQ pattern code is JSM042V3, not sure where I got it at.

      The alternating block is my “Drunkards Wreath Squared” pattern
      available on Intelligent Quilting’s site:

      with the center oval extended just for this quilt. (the pattern itself doesn’t have the center oval extended, hence the squared name).

      The setting triangle is called Plumes and Scrolls, pattern # 0719SH, but I’m not sure where I got it, I’m not on that computer right now.

  1. Just gorgeous, Judy! Love the curling feather border and the motifs you used in the setting triangles around the edges! (On the close-up of the border, do I see a one-sided feather right along the edge?)

    1. Sharp eyes!!!!! Thankfully, DH caught it before I had gone much further than that and it was corrected! He has good eyes like that too! ;>)

  2. Oh this is just lovely! I am hankering to start a blue and white series in 2011..I think I will have to remember this setting! I love all the quilting, but esp the corner motif. I have been looking for one for a blooming nine patch that will go on the frame next for me. Great tip using the foil too…

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