Julie’s Quilt

Julie is an awesome piecer who sends me her quilt tops.  I really enjoy her colour choices and the way her quilts lay so flat on the machine when loaded.  This one was done with a pantograph in the center, and then freehand in the lime green and outer purple border.  The yellow stripe is a flange which was why this one was not pantographed from edge to edge.

Of course, if it looks like it’s hanging wavy right now, it is!  All due to the clothes hangers that it’s hanging from!  One day I will find a perfect solution to taking fast pictures of large quilts, but in the meantime I work with what I have.

I used Hyacinth panto in the center of the quilt, then freehand swirls in the lime green border and freehand leaves in the outer border.  No pics of the quilting as the thread just sunk down into the quilt so deeply I had to use side lighting just to see where I was going!  But that was the goal, give this beauty texture without taking away from the piecing.

3 thoughts on “Julie’s Quilt

  1. wow, wonderful colors so artfully used. You really have to appreciate all the work that’s gone into it in just the planning and piecing!

    I’d love to see the quilting, I’m sure it’s just gorgeous. 🙂

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