Longarm quilting on customer quilt tops is progressing at a good pace.  But that’s about the only thing in the studio progressing.  This is what I’m finding underneath my sewing chair when I’m in there:

I am loving the fact that they are so close together and have become good friends, but I may just have to pull that carpet and move it into the other room to get any sewing done!

Oh who am I kidding, I left there to come to the computer to post this and they’re both now under my chair at the computer desk!  Gotta love them!  (and I do!)
Of course we still have “Mr. Stand Off” hovering in the background:

He’s not quite sure what to make of Cocoa since the first time he was getting petted and she came over and pushed him out!  Now he does a 3 foot stand off from her at all times.  LOL  He’ll settle down soon I’m sure!


In the meantime I’m working late at night on some small art pieces, after they’ve all settled into their beds for the night!  It seems that after supper Cocoa retires to her crate (voluntarily with the door open) and then the other two retire to their normal spots in the living room and I am free to accomplish something at the sewing machine…..for however long I can keep my eyes open!

Cocoa and new art

Time has been passing at the speed of light, if not faster the last few weeks.  Every time I turn around days have gone in a blur of business.  Lots of customer quilting going on, but not many pictures.  I really need to get someplace set up where I can take proper photographs of large quilts, my current setup leaves much to be desired.
But on the home front, we have a new addition to the household.  Cocoa came to live with us today.

She has one blue eye, and one brown eye, which you can’t see in this picture.  She’s as camera shy as her new mama is and I had to use the flash feature to get even this photo of her.

She’s still getting adjusted to her  new home, but our existing furkids took to her almost immediately.  Snowy did give me a bit of trouble this evening, he thought she’d been here long enough and wanted to play with her.  Cocoa, on the other hand, still wasn’t sure exactly where she was, let alone didn’t want to play.  He thinks she’s a puppy, but she’s really 4 years old and a shy little girl.  They’ll learn to handle each other as time goes on!  The good news is she’s learned to negotiate the doggie door (boy did that give me a start to hear while I was in the studio) and she’s eating; both of which mean she will adjust given time and tender care.

I’ve also been working on creating a few new pieces of art.  After many trials and tribulations achieving the effect I wanted thread painting on silk that has been painted, I went back to what I’m comfortable with, photo’s on cotton.  I’ve just started these two pieces, the beginning of a series of small works depecting Autumn and Winter in the Carolinas.

And it feels amazingly wonderful to be creating art again!!!!!!

Julie’s Quilt

Julie is an awesome piecer who sends me her quilt tops.  I really enjoy her colour choices and the way her quilts lay so flat on the machine when loaded.  This one was done with a pantograph in the center, and then freehand in the lime green and outer purple border.  The yellow stripe is a flange which was why this one was not pantographed from edge to edge.

Of course, if it looks like it’s hanging wavy right now, it is!  All due to the clothes hangers that it’s hanging from!  One day I will find a perfect solution to taking fast pictures of large quilts, but in the meantime I work with what I have.

I used Hyacinth panto in the center of the quilt, then freehand swirls in the lime green border and freehand leaves in the outer border.  No pics of the quilting as the thread just sunk down into the quilt so deeply I had to use side lighting just to see where I was going!  But that was the goal, give this beauty texture without taking away from the piecing.