What a week!

Wow!  What a week!!  How did it get to be Friday already? The week started with the arrival of my  new phone, which of course took a little bit of time to learn to use.  Phones aren't just phones anymore, they're little computers with their own software and programming menus!  But I think I'm going … Continue reading What a week!

Design Wall Monday

A while back I thought I was going to be able to participate in "Design Wall Monday" on Judy L's blog; and then life threw some unexpected curveballs and I didn't have anything to show on Mondays! But this week I am back into the swing of things again (hopefully for a long time!) and … Continue reading Design Wall Monday

Is it really “Humane”?

Most of the time I do try to keep this blog upbeat and positive.  Occasionally life throws some sadness in that I must share.  Even more rare are the days I feel the need to rant and have the world listen.  Today has become one of those days.  Today I am thoroughly disappointed and ticked … Continue reading Is it really “Humane”?

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