Is it really “Humane”?

Most of the time I do try to keep this blog upbeat and positive.  Occasionally life throws some sadness in that I must share.  Even more rare are the days I feel the need to rant and have the world listen.  Today has become one of those days.  Today I am thoroughly disappointed and ticked off at the “Humane” Society!

Here’s the setting, I go into town to get some studio supplies and as I park I notice a Humane Society adoption bus in the parking lot.  I look and keep on walking as I was not intentionally looking for another dog.  As I came back out of the store I was in, one of the volunteers brought out a black and white Cocker Spaniel, not a young dog, but a playful one.  I stopped and asked “male or female?”   The answer was female, okay that’s a plus in her direction.

A few other people stopped to look at her, I asked “how old?”.  Answer 10.  SEVERAL people walked AWAY at that point, understandably, most people want puppies they don’t want older dogs.  I asked what happened to her owner?   Answer “owner passed away, remaining family won’t take her”.  OKAY NOW, this is a gorgeous cocker spaniel in need of a home.  She’s as friendly as can be to adults, children, other dogs.  The volunteer tells me “we’ve had her over a month and she’s been to several adoption fairs”.

I ask about her health, good, minor ear issues (what’s new, that’s a cocker trait), clear eyes, vet check good, no issues.  I’m watching her and interacting with her and as others walk up she greets them and NO PIDDLING!   Another plus in her favour.
I ask about “adoption fees”….. because of her age they are wanting much less than the normal fee, because she is 10 years old.  So I ask about “foster to adoption” to bring her home and see if she does well with my current dogs and IF they do well with her.  Volunteer tells me yes, up to 2 weeks for foster to adoption trial.

Okay, bring me the papers.   I’ll bring her home and see how she does (knowing the ONLY way she would go back is if SHE was in danger from my current dogs not accepting her).  I take a pic on my phone and send it to Mike so he can see her, as we’ve only talked about her on the phone during this process.

I fill out FIVE pages of papers for potential adoption and “foster to adoption” status.  FIVE PAGES!   I agree to them making a “home visit”, I agree to opening the medical records of all animals I’ve had in the last 5 years to them.  I explain I have a fenced yard, I work from home so there is someone here all the time.  I mention I have experience with bringing an older animal into a house with younger dogs (remember Cha-cha?).

ALL IS GOING WELL………………………………………


The volunteer takes the papers to her supervisor for approval.  She comes back to let me know they have “issues” with my situation.  Okay, what issues?

I HAVE A 7 YEAR OLD MALE DOG WHO IS NOT NEUTERED.   Now, mind you, HE is in a fenced yard  and inside that yard is a fenced in kennel area when he can’t be supervised.  HE IS 7 YEARS OLD already.  The female I am looking at is 10 years old and ALREADY SPAYED.

UNLESS I am willing to have HIM NEUTERED, they cannot ALLOW me to “foster” or adopt this 10 year old spayed female……who need I remind you SEVERAL PEOPLE walked away from due to her age!!!!!!

And they call this “Humane”?

8 thoughts on “Is it really “Humane”?

  1. I am so sorry … for both of you. Makes me wonder if they know just HOW babies are made. #!#$%% to them. Can you call the “director”? Or maybe go to the shelter and try again?

  2. I have e-mailed the organization to state my case. I’m hoping they will listen to common sense. Mike tells me not to get my hopes up as they have a reputation for being very inflexible.

  3. Wow, I had a very negative experience with my humane society yesterday. HMMMM aren’t dogs required to have a water dish with water in their kennel? And the director is really a bad word type of person. I totally get where you are coming from.

  4. Oh this is rediculous! I know they push neutering, but this sounds like you’re being descriminated against because you chose not to neuter one of your pets! So they would rather put her down because she’s “unadoptable”?!!

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