It happens every time!

This happens every time I give a trunk show or lecture!  It does!  I try so hard to be all “formal” and “proper”, but it always fails.  Okay, I really don’t try to be formal and proper because I’m just not;  but I get a chuckle out of a sequence of events that always occurs.

I start the lecture standing up in front of the table speaking:

And then I start to lean into the table a bit more:

Next thing you know, I’m perched on the edge of the table:

And before you know it, I’m sitting on the table, showing quilts and talking:

Yep, just sitting there like I owned the table or something!!!!

Happens every time!

5 thoughts on “It happens every time!

  1. Judy, we didn’t mind. Better to see the quilts that way. An awesome trunk show. I know you certainly spurred some creative juices, and we have some very talented quilters in our Guild. It’s a real treat when you get to see the quilts up close, and I believe any time we can see a different approach or such talent it is truly worth it. One of my favorite sayings is “Never stop Dreaming”. You certainly keep the dreams alive!

    Oh! Did I mention I am a daydreamer too. Quilts are definitely on my mind today!

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