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Non traditional Blooming 9 patch

That’s what my customer and I are calling this, a non-traditional Blooming 9patch quilt.

Although I like the traditional Blooming 9patch, I LOVE this quilt! By using higher contrast in her fabrics, M has created a completely different look…..hmmmm…..wonder if I can convince her this needs to live here for a while when it’s done, just so I can enjoy it? Sigh….probably not! ;>)

The quilting plan for this quilt is freehand feathering in the center, following the border piecing, then some individual motifs, or maybe some echoing in the outer border to emphasize the fabrics swag design.

This quilt is taking longer than I anticipated, not because of any quilt issues, simply because those feathers are so small and require more time than I thought it would.  How small are those feathers?  Well, the overall size of this quilt is almost 90 x 100  and it’s mostly center piecing.  Here’s a pic for reference with a Gammill bobbin next to the feathers.

So, what am I doing when my legs get tired of standing and feathering?  Why I’m working on some applique!  Here’s the progress to date from the class I took last weekend.  All the pieces are in place now and by tomorrow night (when I finish a block I am making that I cannot reveal quite yet), I’ll start actually stitching this one.  (block designed by Susan Brubaker Knapp)

But, as with anything, plans are subject to change.  If the clouds like I saw yesterday ever actually materialize and produce some rainstorms, the longarm will get shut down and the applique will progress much quicker.  But in the meantime, all I can do is watch these clouds form all around us and go right on by……

sigh…… and my poor plants really could stand a little bit of rain.

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