Interesting creativity quiz

One of the blogs that I follow is ZQuilts.  Tonight she posted about a creativity quiz she had seen and taken, and I found the concept just intriguing enough for the end of the day that I clicked on over to the quiz and took it.

I found my results to be interesting and more accurate than I expected.

Creativity is a release

For you, creativity is first and foremost a form of expression: it creates a special link between the internal and external worlds. It allows you to get a grasp of your powerful emotions, by moulding them into a physical form. In fact, the most important thing for you is to be able to release your emotions. You need to be able to touch them or look at them in concrete form, and to do that you have to find a way to make them come alive. This is how your desires and anxieties take shape……..

Pop on over and take a look and let me know if you find it to be accurate as I did.

2 thoughts on “Interesting creativity quiz

  1. Funny, I got the same thing too….so did Connor and 4 other people I know. Me thinks it’s poppycock. Tried answering all different ways and got same answer very time. Mmmh…

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