Almost a MONTH!

Wow, it’s been almost a month since I last posted!!  Where did the time go?  Oh, I know very well where the time went.  Besides the fact that it is summertime and I’ve been Dr. ordered to get sunshine every day (yes, I truly have!), I’ve spent a lot of time taking care of one of my dogs who is very ill and will not recover.  He’s given me 10 years of unconditional love, it’s the least I can do to give him the attention he deserves in his final season, even though that means most nights I’m up at least 2 times to guide him outside and back in.  The diabetes has caused him to go blind with cataracts and the cancer is making him very thin…between the two of those he’s unsure of his steps and prefers to follow the sound of my footsteps when he needs to go out and down the steps.  So I think I’ve gotten maybe 3 full nights of sleep in the last month, most of it is sleep for 2-3 hours, up for 20 minutes, sleep for 2-3 hours, up for 20 minutes…….hmmmmm that’s almost like having a BABY again!  Yikes!!

And of course there’s the garden and canning (which I’ve taken back up this summer).  Although my “garden” is very small, I’ve managed to put up a few shelves of fruits and vegetables for over the winter.  As my mom stated, you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.  Oh wait, I’m back IN the country!

Then there’s the eyesight issue, although my distance vision has cleared up, my close-up vision had gotten  worse, making it a bit difficult and tiring to do detail work with my old glasses.  AND you  KNOW my work is about the detail, the fine details like tiny stitches and paint lines.  Anyways, far away things were blurry in the old glasses, close up things were blurry in them, without them I couldn’t see close up at all, it was causing difficulties getting anything done and probably past time for new glasses.

BUT….. last Friday my new glasses came in!!!!!  I’d take a picture but self-portraits with short arms are not pretty sights!   Oh wait, I know, I’ll take a pic of just the glasses!!!!!

No more big huge glasses….they’re wee tiny ones now!  Small enough I can slip them down on my nose and look over them!  WooHoo!!!  TV time and the ability to do hand work!

Which brings me to the point of this post, I actually did something today that I thought I’d share!  I got the stitching done on the last applique block I committed to making for our guild’s donation quilt.  The pattern the guild is using is from Piece of Cake designs and our quilt will be in batiks with a combination of applique and piecing!  It’s going to be gorgeous, and here’s a peak at one block:

Oh and in spite of myself, I did attempt to take a self-portrait.  Why do I always look so serious when I do this?  I’m not that serious of a person….it must just be the concentration of remembering to keep the camera pointed and the fingers on the right button with one hand while not actually staring INTO the camera….it’s a tough job to take a self-portrait!!!  Aw well, with a complete and utter lack of self-pride, here’s how the new glasses fit:

Hey there’s a PERSON behind the glasses…… WHO KNEW?!?!?!?  But how come she looks so much like my elders did?  When did I become one of the elders?  Just because the oldest grand is  18 and the youngest grand is almost 11!!!!!  LOL

That’s about all I’ve got to share for a quiet day.  Now that I can see again, I’ll be doing much more work and I’ll hopefully have lots to share!

3 thoughts on “Almost a MONTH!

  1. Love the self portrait Judy. Your new glasses look a lot like mine and I love the purple in mine. I’m sorry about your fur baby. It is very hard to let them go.

  2. Glad you are back and that your new specs are working out for you! I’m sorry about your pup but you are making his life better with your attention.

  3. Sorry about your dog. I went through a similar period of ‘hospice’ care with one of ours a few years ago. Very glad your glass are working. They look a bit like mine too. Will enjoy following your blog.

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