Not what you want to see in the morning……

It stormed here again last night.  This morning when I opened up the living room door I was greeted by a sight I didn’t want to see…..landscape damage.

Upon closer inspection it looks like it twisted and broke right at the base, so I’m not sure what we’re going to do with it.  Trim it back and hope for the best, or dig it up and replant.   I’ll know better when I get right up outside to it.

The most interesting part of all this, we have a dead pine in the front yard as well, that stands 25 to 30′ tall, and it’s still standing!   It’s stood through all the storms this year, the ones that took down my Azaleas, the storms that threatened my Rose of Sharon, and now the one that has damaged my Crepe Myrtle.

3 thoughts on “Not what you want to see in the morning……

  1. dangit. yeah, leave the dead one untouched. mother nature has a weird sense of humor.

  2. Judy it will come back even if you cut it off just above the ground. Last Thursday night something happened to a neighbor that I had never heard of. We had a storm with lots of lightening and our neighbors Australian Shepard dog was killed by lightening. I couldn’t believe it! We aren’t sure what the lightening struck to kill Blackie but it did. Needless to say they have been very upset.

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