Still on vacation

My vacation with my grandson has been extended by a couple extra days! We’re enjoying every minute together, which leaves me with nothing to blog about. Unless you want to know how he’s discovered the pool inlet and a pool floaty noodle make a great water cannon….. or that the most skittish dog really does like to snuggle with him if he’s quiet.

Today we have a short meeting to go to (one of mine that I must attend) and then we’re coming home to discover the joys of acrylic paints and brushes. He’s got two small souvenirs from the trip up north that we are going to paint a canvas board background for and mount so they don’t get lost and he can look at them whenever he wants to without his baby brother getting a hold of them.

After that it’s the daily pool time, followed by supper and an exhausted but totally happy grandma. Oh yeah, and a happy grandson too!!!!

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