Quilting for me.

I’m doing a little quilting for myself this holiday weekend. This top I made several years ago, and it languished waiting to be quilted. Finally I had some inspiration for it, and have started working on it.

It has some issues, I remember well muttering at the sewing machine I was using back then, it was just so funky with how it fed fabric, but I think I’m taming those issues pretty well.

The applique I did before I really knew what I was doing with machine applique, but it’s not to bad for an early try at machine applique. In this case I can say good tools make all the difference as the machine applique I’m doing now looks so much better!

But for right now I think I’ve done enough, it’s time for a break. Possibly even a break by the pool, it is after all, a holiday weekend!

(all freehand or ruler work, no computerized quilting on this one)

3 thoughts on “Quilting for me.

  1. It’s looks pretty darned tame to me! It’s lovely. Sometimes a quilt just has to wait a while for the proper inspiration.

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