Quilting for me.

I’m doing a little quilting for myself this holiday weekend. This top I made several years ago, and it languished waiting to be quilted. Finally I had some inspiration for it, and have started working on it.

It has some issues, I remember well muttering at the sewing machine I was using back then, it was just so funky with how it fed fabric, but I think I’m taming those issues pretty well.

The applique I did before I really knew what I was doing with machine applique, but it’s not to bad for an early try at machine applique. In this case I can say good tools make all the difference as the machine applique I’m doing now looks so much better!

But for right now I think I’ve done enough, it’s time for a break. Possibly even a break by the pool, it is after all, a holiday weekend!

(all freehand or ruler work, no computerized quilting on this one)

In a tropical mood

Did I mention that I’ve been in a tropical mood lately? I only seem to want to work with bright, cheery, tropical commercial fabrics these days. I’m not sure if it’s a summer thing, or if I’ve had enough of the doom and gloom thing, but either way, today’s tropical project was a cover for my Palm M500.

I could have purchased a hard cover for it, but why not make one? I’ve got all the necessary materials, fabric, sewing machine, batting, button and a little imagination.




Did I mention it’s a holiday weekend and as such I am only quilting and sewing for me?

Purse reinforcements…

Saturday morning, bright and early, and I’m at the sewing machine doing purse reinforcements! My favorite purse is a denim shoulder bag, it’s got lots of pockets, doesn’t weigh much empty (which you’ll soon realize is important) and goes with almost everything I wear since I dress very very casual. BUT, soon after I got it, the strap broke. Well, it didn’t really break the stitching came out. So I pulled out another bag and tossed the denim favorite one into the closet.

That new bag, it was leather, and it was stylish, and it got a lot of compliments, but it wasn’t very user friendly. So this morning, before I finished my coffee, I pulled out the favorite denim bag and sat down at the sewing machine to reinforce EVERY strap on it. Yes, every strap needed an extra row of stitching.

No, this isn’t a poorly made bag, it’s actually pretty decent for construction…..


I carry a sketchbook with me everywhere, yes EVERYWHERE! And of course I always have my small pocket camera to take quick snaps of interesting things. Gee, I bet you’re wondering now, if I take so many pics why my blog is so lacking….. and I have no answer for you. LOL

So, I carry a sketchbook, I carry a camera, I carry the normal stuff — you know cell phone, lip gloss, headache meds, toothbrush and toothpaste (doesn’t everyone carry a travel toothbrush?), and I carry the inhaler (okay, it doesn’t weigh a lot, but still it takes up space) and I used to carry a big datebook in it too!!!! Now you see why the weight of the bag itself is so important, I carry a lot of STUFF.

I can run into town without makeup (and usually do), and I can run into town without jewelry (although that makes me feel nekked), and I can even run into town without a plan on what to do…. But I can’t go ANYWHERE without my sketchbook!!!!!!

Hence the purse reinforcements this morning………