Yesterday I painted……

Yesterday I painted fabrics, today I started working with them. I knew the very first piece I wanted to work on was one I didn’t post yesterday as it never got a chance to be folded up. As soon as I removed the stems and leaves from the piece I knew exactly how I wanted it quilted. But first I had to outline and detail the stems and leaves, add in some ground for them to grow out of and add on the setting pieces.

So, to recap, stage one was painting the center. Stage two is detailing the center and adding the setting. Stage three will be to begin the quilting in all those wonderful open spaces! Then, and only then, will I decide whether or not to add any bling to this. I’m thinking I may, but it depends on how the quilting comes out. I’ll only add the possible bling if it will add to the piece overall.

I’m hoping for Wednesday evening, if all goes well at work this week, to be able to load this and start the quilting on it.

I do wish you could see this in person, my camera just does not do the color and depth justice.

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