Wow, what a week it’s been.  For the first time in 17 years here, I actually sat in the hallway as a storm went through waiting for it to pass.  We had one of those storms the other day that threw hail far enough under the deck roof (12′ deep) so that it was hitting the french doors on the kitchen!  Glad that one went through and didn’t linger around too long!

Of course the day before that I tried to cut the grass early in the morning to avoid the afternoon t-storms and actually get it cut.  I found out there’s a REASON you wait for the grass to dry if you have a little household lawn mower and not a big commercial type mower.  It’s called…… gee I don’t know what this is called….

In spite of the daily t-storms, I did manage to get some quilting done.  DO YOU shut down and UNPLUG all your electronic machines when it’s storming?  If you don’t, you should AND run them on surge protectors….. but I digress.   I did manage to finish a few (3) quilts this week.  One of which I took pictures of.

It’s pretty and it’s BIG!!!!!!!!

That’s a king sized bed it’s draped over!  Yes, it’s that big!  As big as I can do on my machine.  The pattern is called Blooming Nine Patch if you didn’t know that already.  And there’s more to it than this picture.  It’s big enough it overhangs on a king sized bed…..

With the fabrics as busy as these are, my customer and I agreed a pantograph was the best choice, so we picked one called “Snapdragon” which is suitably named and pretty on it’s own accord…….

Of course today that’s the only thing blooming here.  Remember when you were a kid and over the loudspeaker you’d hear “clean-up in aisle 3″….booming for the world to know somebody did something they shouldn’t?   Well when I got home from teaching today I was greeted with a “clean-up in aisle deck”……..

I’m not sure which one of the 4 dogs did this, but I have my suspicions……….  As much as I’d like to stay inside and do some more quilting, I think I have a slight back deck mess to tend to first…………………..

BRANDI…………………… you got some ‘splaining to do………………………….

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  1. And with all that innocence, do you seriously think she would hang around at the scene of the crime?

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