So many aspects

There are so many aspects of art going on in my life right now.  Some are traditional, some not so much; some are in the thought stage and others are actually in process.

First we have PROMISE:

Which eventually becomes FULFILLMENT:

Throw in a little INDEPENDENCE:


And the design wall overflows:

Sounds like the thunderstorms are getting closer, so I think I’ll shut down all the electronics now and take the scissors to that wedding gown!   YES!  I said CUT IT UP!!!!!!   It’s one of my personal favorite projects right now.  No, it’s not mine, it’s for friends who are expecting their first child.  This was the gown she wore when they married, which I, at that time, altered to fit her (and made her bridesmaids gowns as well).  Now I get to cut it totally apart and make a Christening outfit and quilt for their first child!  I watched her husband grow up from a young boy and can’t wait to meet their little one this fall!
What else is on that wall?  A few starts of pieces for my upcoming exhibit in August (details in a separate post that thunder is really loud now), a class sample or two, my own personal quilt, some fabrics I want to work with in the near future……..

Yes, the design wall has many aspects to it this week!

Okay now the thunder is really loud and it’s as dark as a winter evening out there!!!!  BYE!!!!!!

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