Gift/Reward Card Wallets.

Surfing the web the other day I came across  Joypatch (doesn’t that name just sound cheerful!).  And while I was there I found a great tutorial for making Reward Card Wallets.   Of course I’m thinking gift card wallets when I think of these.  Or maybe Membership Card Wallets….. or any of those hundreds of cards we all carry in our wallets these days.

In making several of these, I found the process to be quick and easy.  So easy I did what I never do, I made MULTIPLES!

Usually, once I’ve made a patter or project once, my mind is bored and I’m ready to move on to the next project.  But not this one!  It’s so easy and fun, and different fabrics all look different:

And inside are pockets to hold 6 cards:

One of these I’ll be keeping for myself; another was made with the intention of gifting it, the remainder I’m thinking of donating for our guild’s August fundraiser.

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  1. These are cool! Would be great for my kids at Christmas. Who ever knows WHAT to get them anyway? Gift cards would be great!

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