A few pantos, a little rain, an unexpected visitor!

That’s been my weekend, a few panto’s for customers quilted, a little LOT of rain, and an unexpected visitor!

Let’s start with the visitor!  Sitting at my computer the other morning, I hear…… scritch, scritch…..scurry, thump!…. scritch, scritch, scurry, thump!…. repeatedly over and over!   Now this is the normal view out my front door to the porch roof:

Of course I had to investigate this funny noise.  I’m not sure who was more startled, me or this little guy:

Apparently he was trying to run along the gutter, but kept bumping into the porch roof supports!  Silly Squirrel!!!!!!

And despite weather days that have done this almost every afternoon:

Leaving a studio entrance like this:

And lots of thunder noise, but thankfully little actual lightening… in spite of that I have managed to finish a few panto’s lately.

The first one is made from fabrics by Pat Sloan and you can get them through Quilters Loft, who will both be at NC Quilt Symposium this weekend.

This next one is made by a new quilter and it just gorgeous!  He’s really come a long way this year and it was a pleasure to quilt this for him:

And finally a pretty, pretty jewel toned scrap quilt for another customer.  I really like her layout on this, so simple, such an effective use of color placement:

Now today I’m off here early, hoping to beat Mother Nature and get some quilting in before she tosses another t-storm my way!

See you later!!!!!

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