Yesterday I painted……

Yesterday I painted fabrics, today I started working with them. I knew the very first piece I wanted to work on was one I didn’t post yesterday as it never got a chance to be folded up. As soon as I removed the stems and leaves from the piece I knew exactly how I wanted it quilted. But first I had to outline and detail the stems and leaves, add in some ground for them to grow out of and add on the setting pieces.

So, to recap, stage one was painting the center. Stage two is detailing the center and adding the setting. Stage three will be to begin the quilting in all those wonderful open spaces! Then, and only then, will I decide whether or not to add any bling to this. I’m thinking I may, but it depends on how the quilting comes out. I’ll only add the possible bling if it will add to the piece overall.

I’m hoping for Wednesday evening, if all goes well at work this week, to be able to load this and start the quilting on it.

I do wish you could see this in person, my camera just does not do the color and depth justice.

Painted Fabrics

The weather and the timing were perfect this morning and I was able to get outside for a little bit and do some fabric painting. I never know quite what I’m going to come up with on days like today, it’s just a matter of whichever color paints I combine that particular day.

These were done with Pebeo Setacolor paints, in bright sunlight.  After drying these, heat setting them in the dryer and then steam pressing them, the hand is wonderful and I’m looking forward to getting to work with these.  (yes, I have plans for them!)

The process I use is really simple.  I used a PFD (prepared for dyeing) fabric this morning, but have used regular commercial cottons, white on whites, tone on tones, whatever I have on hand that I want to use.

First I cut my pieces into sizes I want to work with, today I used fat quarter pieces.  I soak them in a bucket of plain water and gather my supplies.  Supplies today included my Setacolor paints, a spray bottle of water, foam brushes and some plastic trays.  One piece at a time, I choose my colors and method.  Most of these are scrunched, a few are specifically striped and hung to dry.

What is do to start is to spread the wet piece of fabric out onto the picnic table (where I work) and pour a little paint into a plastic tray, brush it onto the fabric with the foam brush, spraying the fabric with the water bottle to keep it wet and to spread the colors.   Sometimes I’ll pick up a piece of fabric and twist it, or paint the colors in stripes and then twist.  After the piece is sufficiently painted to my liking, I scrunch the fabric on the picnic table and leave it to dry.  It’s the scrunching that causes the deep variations in the color.

The pieces I want more control on (skies, landscape backgrounds), I’ll paint in specific strokes and leave to dry either flat on the picnic table, or if it’s striped, I may hang it on the line to dry.  Sometimes I hang it with the stripes vertical so there is no color run between stripes and sometimes I hang it with the stripes horizontal if I’m not concerned about color run.  Although when it’s this hot, the paint doesn’t have long to run before it’s actually dried!

I actually have no green or purple paints in my colors.  I have several shades of yellows, reds, oranges and blues, with one jar of Fawn as well.  Part of the fun of this (for me) is to pull the paints I think are going to produce a specific color range and see if it actually does that once they’re mixed.  Today I was spot on for 10 of the 11 fabrics.  Which one do you think I was “off” for?

Summer color inspiration

If you’ve noticed, I’ve not been posting much quilting lately.  Although I am working on customer quilts regularly, I find my inspiration in the summer is outside and try to soak up as much of it as I can to get me through those long dark nights of winter.  Quilty things are happening here, art is being made, but I just have to share some of what inspires me in the summer.

Remember a few days ago when I posted this picture and I called it “Promise”?

I looked out my kitchen window this afternoon and saw this:

What else has sparked my imagination today?  This planter pot I spotted in a store and had to bring home:

Of course that meant a trip to the garden center to find something to fill it with.  Today I went to the Brawley Garden Center where they are having a buy one/get one sale on potted geraniums.

Doesn’t this look good!  Or it will when I get it transplanted properly:

If you clicked on the link to their site, did you see all that gorgeous BLUE pottery!  OH I so wanted to purchase a piece or two of it, but since I had already purchased the teacup planter and had to replace the planter stand with a new table (that is yet to be assembled as it’s HOT out there), I didn’t indulge in any of the blue pottery.  But I did stand and admire it for quite a while.   Of course yesterday, when we had that “cleanup in aisle deck” I would not have been happy if everything had been in ceramic planters, so all’s well in the long run.

And yes, I did take advantage of the BOGO on the geraniums.  The other one is by the studio entrance waiting to find it’s permanent home in the studio garden.  Anyone want to come over and help me finish off that studio garden on the SOUTH side of the house in 90+ degree temps? 

That’s what I thought….. guess I’ll tackle it tomorrow morning before the sun gets over there.    LOL