The dungeon make that KITCHEN is finally finished!   I’ve shared some pics along the way, but thought I’d show you the end result.  First of course, you ask WHY am I on the computer on Memorial Day?  A holiday?   Well, when it looks like this outside, inside is the best place to be:

Yes, that was the rain that changed my holiday plans this morning!  I went from “Oh I’m going to weed, and mow, and then take a swim” to “Yikes, I’m staying INSIDE” with the first crash of thunder and downpour!

So, instead of playing in my yard (yes, weeding is playing for me as I love my gardens) I finished off the kitchen.  Which was on the agenda for today, just later today.  Like tonight, after dark!  Instead it’s done early and I like LOVE it!  Between the new lighting and the bright paint, I have a kitchen that  no longer feels like a dungeon to walk into!!

This is my “collection” area (or one of them).  In this hutch I have dishes from my grandmother and dishes and cups from Mike’s mum as well as part of my oil lamp collection. (and Mike’s Tim Horton mugs!)

Then there’s this corner!  It was so dark before you couldn’t even see the corner hutch, let alone notice that it has treasured family hand-downs in it Notice I didn’t say treasures, but rather treasured?  I’m sure many of these are worth 10cents or less and can easily be found in thrift shops, but to me they are memories and that makes them treasured.

Whoops, I meant to put the swiffer mop away before I took that last picture!  LOL  And that’s life at Goneaway Quilting, one day it’s quilts, another it’s home stuff and it’s always got something silly about it!!!!!

The dungeon is being painted!

Although I’ve been busy quilting lately, I don’t have permission to share photo’s, so it’s been quiet here on the blog.  And the art pieces I’m working on are for another Art on Main showing in August and not yet ready for public viewing.

But, we have started a project I can share!  The dungeon kitchen is getting a facelift!!!!   No more will it be a dark dreary corner of the house:

That photo is a before photo of one of the darker corners of the kitchen, taped and ready to paint, with ALL the lights on to brighten it up!

This is what it’s looking like after just the first coat:

MAJOR DIFFERENCE!!!!  I am going to love this on so many levels.  First I’m a sunshine/bright days kind of girl, I don’t like caves!  No, you’d never find me living in one of those built into the hillside underground houses (shuddering here at the thought).  And of course, if your walls aren’t BLUE, you can decorate with all sorts of different colors and shades and accessories!!!!    Without walking into the dungeon kitchen and going on sensory overload at the loud noise the clash of certain decor items makes with the walls!!!!

Hmmm….. this new kitchen might even inspire me to start seriously cooking!!!!  Okay, I won’t go that far, but you already knew that!!!

Of course, you shouldn’t expect this done quickly.  I learned the last time I painted that it pays to take your time, don’t do too much in one day, especially when you’re painting over your head, as you just might want to be able to lift your arm again before a few months time passes.  My goal for this is to be done in two weeks…….. a little at a time…. working on it in the evenings after work and on the weekends……  surely even I can do that!!!!

Pushing the limits

Have you ever wondered just how big of a quilt can be quilted on a longarm?  Well, it depends on the size of the table, and the parking position of the longarm itself, each machine has a different limit.

Normally I tell my customers I can accommodate a backing that is 110″ wide, which means I can accommodate a quilt up to 102″ wide.  But once in a while, with the customers knowledge, I’ll push the limits.

Yes, loaded centered and doing the math, that means this backing is 121″ wide!  This also means I have no place to park the machine.  But, since I designed this quilt for the customer (she pieced it), I felt sure we could work with the larger than normal backing.

And yet that left me no room to park the machine overnight where it could do it’s nightly oil drip.  Yes, my machine does sometimes drip oil overnight, it’s the nature of the beast.
Thankfully, back when I first started quilting, a longarmer, who is no longer with us, gave me a trick for keeping oil off the quilt if the backing was oversized.  It’s a simple little trick and inexpensive:

I remember at the time being amazed at how cheaply an oil drip guard could be made!!!!   It’s a doubled over piece of aluminum foil, curled up around the edges of 2-3 layers of cotton batting.  The oil doesn’t go through the foil, and even if, for some unknown reason, a large amount of the oil inside the machine were to run out overnight, the curled edges could prevent the oil from getting onto the quilt or the backing.

Sometimes when you’re pushing the limits it’s the really little things that can make all the difference.