The dungeon make that KITCHEN is finally finished!   I've shared some pics along the way, but thought I'd show you the end result.  First of course, you ask WHY am I on the computer on Memorial Day?  A holiday?   Well, when it looks like this outside, inside is the best place to be: Yes, that … Continue reading FINISHED!!!!!!!

The dungeon is being painted!

Although I've been busy quilting lately, I don't have permission to share photo's, so it's been quiet here on the blog.  And the art pieces I'm working on are for another Art on Main showing in August and not yet ready for public viewing. But, we have started a project I can share!  The dungeon … Continue reading The dungeon is being painted!

Pushing the limits

Have you ever wondered just how big of a quilt can be quilted on a longarm?  Well, it depends on the size of the table, and the parking position of the longarm itself, each machine has a different limit. Normally I tell my customers I can accommodate a backing that is 110" wide, which means … Continue reading Pushing the limits

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