Prepping for a show

I’m in the final stages of prepping for vending at the Quilt & Fiberart Emporium in Hickory at the end of the month.  More info HERE

Today I thought I’d show you just some of the final stages in prepping for the show.  After taking inventory and making a list, I’ll do a few final batches of dyes to fill in.  The note on the mirror is my low inventory list.

Of course I use every available corner for dye bins:

Including flowing over into the office/storage area:

And that makes for cramped corners, where hopefully nobody needs access to any files!  But it’s not permanent, just the last 2-3 weeks before a show.  Filing can always be done later, right?

The storage underneath the secondary cutting table (aka temporary dye counter) contains bins of fabrics sorted by color family.  An easy way to manage what I need to dye.  Because if I dyed only what I’m drawn to dye, I’d only dye a few colors (or maybe only brights!).

Of course the last stage of prepping is to make sure that all the samples are finished.  This one only needs quilting and binding, or maybe quilting and a facing.

Hope to see you in Hickory in two weeks!!!!!!

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