Quilting Circles and a few other things

One of the recent quilts I quilted for a customer had me going around in circles!   Happily going around in circles, enjoying the effect.

Oh what a FUZZY picture!!!!   Let’s try a detail shot so you can see how pretty these fabrics are!

Yes, much better and now the back:

Currently on the machine I’m quilting feathers:

Actually not today.  These are 6″ blocks, the inner border is 2″ wide, so those are small feathers; and I need total concentration for that.  But on the schedule for today was finishing putting the blinds up on the new windows, and DH is researching replacing the engine on his lawn tractor, which means lots of ins and outs of the door, which is distracting.  So instead of quilting feathers (that I really do need to get into an uninterrupted zone for), I’m doing the edging on some machine applique.

After a little bit of unsewing, I remembered how I control the excess fabric that isn’t “SUPPOSED” to go under the needle on the back side when I’m stitching it down.  Roll it up and pin it in place, with the roll to the front where I can see it, leaving only the part to be machine stitched showing:

How do you control the excess material so that you don’t inadvertently stitch the bottom of your wall-hanging into the center section when you’re doing machine applique?  I like this method as it’s a visual reminder of the excess fabric, which I do need….. especially on days when the door is constantly opening and shutting………

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