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A little this, a dash of that and it’s a normal day.

I love when life has normalcy to it.  Who needs the drama?  It’s the everyday things that make me smile.

Like quilting clouds onto a baby blanket:

Or dyeing delicious colors of fabrics:

(by the way, these and many more will be available for purchase April 30th, May 1st and 2nd, at the Quilt & Fiber Art Emporium, Hickory, NC in my booth)

What else makes me happy?  A new birdbath that is cheery and colorful:

Planting spring flowers in the garden boxes:

Nature providing it’s own colorful flowers:

And watching DH extend our driveway to make it easier for him to park the truck!   How does one go about that?  First they rent a piece of equipment with a funny name that I cannot remember, nor spell.  Then they start the process of removing the stumps:

It appears the process go something like this:




Repeat as needed, numerous times.

While he’s repeating that process over and over, I think I’ll go back to quilting.

Hope you’re finding as much enjoyment in your day, doing what you like, as we are here!


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