A little this, a dash of that and it’s a normal day.

I love when life has normalcy to it.  Who needs the drama?  It’s the everyday things that make me smile.

Like quilting clouds onto a baby blanket:

Or dyeing delicious colors of fabrics:

(by the way, these and many more will be available for purchase April 30th, May 1st and 2nd, at the Quilt & Fiber Art Emporium, Hickory, NC in my booth)

What else makes me happy?  A new birdbath that is cheery and colorful:

Planting spring flowers in the garden boxes:

Nature providing it’s own colorful flowers:

And watching DH extend our driveway to make it easier for him to park the truck!   How does one go about that?  First they rent a piece of equipment with a funny name that I cannot remember, nor spell.  Then they start the process of removing the stumps:

It appears the process go something like this:




Repeat as needed, numerous times.

While he’s repeating that process over and over, I think I’ll go back to quilting.

Hope you’re finding as much enjoyment in your day, doing what you like, as we are here!


10 thoughts on “A little this, a dash of that and it’s a normal day.

  1. Love your clouds and your yummy died fabric! And great pictures of your hubby making a new driveway! Looks like he is having fun!

  2. Hmmm, when your DH is done with that, he can come to my house… I have a lot of yard work that needs doing! And you and I can play on the LA together while he’s busy playing with his big toy!!

  3. Oh yes, the dancing clouds are totally cool.. perfect!!! good choice.. Yeah..and thanks for steering me to the blog to also see the big toys in motion..

  4. Oh, those clouds looks so restful right now but for now I’ll settle for where I, too, can find a colourful birdbath like that. Was just thinking the other day that I need more yard art. Give up the goods Lady!

  5. That is a gorgeous bird bath! I want one in the worst way, and that would look perfect in my yard! Love the picture of the trees, too! What kind of tree has that purple blossom?

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