While working this afternoon, I realized just how often I find myself multi-tasking.  Thankfully the invention of computerized equipment facilitates that in this day and age.  And that’s a very good thing for a person with an over-active mind, it keeps me mentally occupied.

When I walked into the studio this morning, I saw this on my “newly made” second design wall (which may become permanent):

Of course, in working late last night to get to this stage, I neglected to do the embroidery below the school before I added the pieced border!  And on the longarm I had this waiting for binding as well:

What to do?  What to do?  How am I going to be in two places at once?  Oh wait, I have an embroidery machine that stands separate of my sewing machine and is conveniently located beside it:

Just turn my chair and scootch over a bit and I’m right at the embroidery machine and laptop it runs off of!  How much more convenient can it get?  Okay, with the expense of a lot of money, it could get more convenient, but not today!

As for that lettering I neglected to embroider BEFORE I started to add borders, well, just use the Giant Hoop It All and pin, pin, pin the excess out of the way:

AND I’m right beside it so I can keep a close eye on it!

Gee, I wonder if all this multi-tasking will allow me to go outside and take another look at this today before it’s gone:

Yes, my only Bradford Pear is almost in full bloom now and if you look close you can see the green leaves starting to show through.  It won’t be long and I’ll have nice shade by the outside table I work on!

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  1. Wow Judy – you’ve been really busy! All I did was quilt today! LOL Good for you you can multi-task like that. Sure does help to have those machines that will go without you right there!

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