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Yesterday was a day of Dr. appontments and errands, which left minimal time for anything quilty or crafty or colorful.  So I thought I’d just share some pictures I took around the yard the day before on my walk.  This is one of my favorite times of year in the yard, every day something new is budding out or blooming.
The camellia showed me it’s first flower while I was having coffee:

Which caused me to really look at the plant, and oh my!!!!!  Soon it will be covered with buzzing bees and blooms:

Of course that led to checking out the big garden area.  The daffodils are almost past prime there now, but the roses are showing signs of greening up:

Hmmm, that garden really needs to be re-mulched this year.  It’s always something with the gardens and I love it!  So, I walked through the roses over to the cypresses by the fence line and peaking through them was a bud from the neighbour’s Bradford Pear trees:

Of course that made me leave that area to go check on my Bradford Pear tree.  Yes, I said tree, solo, solitary, singular; whereas the neighbours have their whole driveway lined with them and boy are they pretty, I have one, stand alone, large Bradford Pear, that isn’t too shabby even if it is the only one!

No, you were not hearing Bradford Pear Tree envy then….. well, okay, maybe just a little bit….. and I’d have more of them, if I could figure out where to put them!

But for now, the sun is shining, the studio is calling, and first I have to go peak out the back door and make sure last night’s rain didn’t wash away all the budding blossoms on my solitary Bradford Pear………..

Have a great day!!!!!!

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  1. Thanks for a peek at spring blossoms! We are getting a little closer every day in Minnesota, but nothing budding/blooming yet. Then again, there’s no snow out my window (right now) either!

  2. You have been tagged with the Sunshine Bloggers Award! Take a peek at my blog to see what it is all about! Congratulations!!

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